Kino Lumière is offering screening services in our cinema halls. Primarily we try to focus on film screenings: public or private, film festivals, or film seminars.

In the case you are interested in our services, send us an e-mail to the address: Please try to provide us with as many details about your event as possible:

  1. Who is organizing - official name, IČO, contact person, telephone number, e-mail
  2. The planned name or title of your event
  3. Preferred date of the event
  4. Who is the targetted audience?
  5. Basic information about the event
  6. Screenng of films / seminar / lecture
  7. Is it a public or private event? Entry after invitation only?
  8. Would you like to have an admission fee and sell tickets?
  9. In the case you choose to sell tickets - via your own system / our box office?
  10. Screening of films with electronic subtitles / without subtitles?
  11. Screening of films in professional cinema format - (DCP/bluray/mp4...)
  12. Event with translation? consecutive translation / simultaneous translations via electronical devices / event without translation
  13. Would you require microphones?
  14. Presentations: simple powerpoint without sound / presentation with videos and sound / no presentation

 Thank you.