About us

Kino Lumière is the former Charlie Center and Charlie’s, resident on Špitálska street 4 in Bratislava. It’s in the property of the Slovak Republic and being the responsibility of Slovak Film Institute (SFI) since 1991, when it has became an independent institution and the facilities became part of its acquisition deed by delimitation from the Slovak film production Koliba. From the beginning the facilities of the film club were operated by tenants, SFÚ used it only for its archive cinema called Filmotéka. SFI became the operator of the cinema only in 2011 and renamed it to Kino Lumière .

The name of Kino Lumière is symbolizing a return to the essence of the cinematography and meantime it is a tribute to the founders of the film. The history of the old-new cinema Kino Lumière began on 12 of September 1976, its four cinema halls, club and cafe facilities received the title Film club. The author of this project was Ing. Pavol Ondreička, and the cinema was under the hands of the Headquarter of the Slovak film. The Film club was from the beginning a place of formal or informal happenings, meetings not only between the viewers and the films but also of the creators for whom it became a “stall” of slovak film. In the present days the main concern of the operators is to continue in this tradition of the Film club with as much dignity as possible. 

Kino Lumière offers to its visitors four cinema halls, two with wheelchair access (K1, K2).

The programme concept of Kino Lumière is reflecting its nature of a film club. Priorities are Slovak films, European cinematography and Archive Cinema. The cinema also presents cycles, show tours and festivals.

Kino Lumière is the first cinema in Slovakia which gained the Award of the Film Journalists for dramaturgy.

Kino Lumière got in 2014 an European Cinemas Award for the best dramaturgy.


The programme of the cinema is assembled by:

  • Zita Hosszúová · the manager of Kino Lumière
  • Martin Kaňuch · the general editor of the journal KINO – IKON
  • Michal Michalovič · curator of the programme of the Archive cinema (Filmotéka)
  • Simona Nôtová · press secretary of SFI
  • Miroslav Ulman · desk officer of the Audiovisual information center of SFI

Responsible for the operation and dramaturgical concept of the cinema: 

  • Peter Dubecký · general director, Slovak Film Institution

Employees of the cinema

  • Zita Hosszúová (programme)
  • Anita Pócsová (operation)
  • Boris Šlapeta (projections)


The operators of the cinema

Slovak Fim Institute (Slovenský filmový ústav), represented by Peter Dubecký - general director

Resident: Grösslingová 32, 811 09 Bratislava

IČO: 00891444

DIČ: 2020831439

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VAT: SK2020831439 

Bank account: Štátna pokladnica, Č. účtu: 7000070641/8180

IBAN: SK33 8180 0000 0070 0007 0641, BIC: SPSRSKBA

Post address (mails):
Slovenský filmový ústav 
Grösslingová 32
811 09 Bratislava

Address for the film delivery  (courier)
Kino Lumiere/Kafehaus Lumiere
Špitálska 4
811 08 Bratislava
contact: Zita