General conditions of the projection / screening services


1. Projection formats


  •  Kino Lumière is providing in all its cinema halls and screens projections of films from professional cinema formats: DCP (2D) and 35 mm film copies. The cinema is responsible for the projection's quality only if we are provided with the mentioned professional formats. We offer projection of different formats also but in limited extents and special situations only.
  • The projection format is needed to be provided at latest 5 days prior the screening for a technical rehearsal. We inform you that the technical rehearsal is controlling solely the compatibility of the format for the projection. Complete technical projection can be ordered, but the presence of the event's Organizer is required in this case.


2. Promotion, catering, exhibitions and other activities in the cinema's facilities


  • The range and way of the cinema foyer's usage (for example: exhibition, presenting materials etc.) is needed to be consulted with the cinema operators before sending an official order. In other way the usage will be rejected.
  • Catering and refreshment for each events are usually not provided in the cinema's facilities but there is an opportunity to contact our neighbourhood café, KAFEHAUS LUMIERE, for these purposes. The conditions and range of the catering services should be arranged with the cafe's operators: zebyova(at)
  • To use promotion materials in the cinema's foyer is possible only on for this reason dedicated places. To glue posters directly on the walls is not allowed!
  • To glue posters directly on the walls is not allowed!
  • Installation and montage (drilling, gluing and similar) of promotion materials or objects is not allowed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take any audiovisual records in the foyer, cinema halls or cinema cabins, if it's not discussed prior with the cinema operators and SFI (Slovak Film Insitute). SFI can provide you with a permission for taking audiovisual records in the cinema's facilities. For making records from the screen itself, the Organizator will need a permission from the person or institution holding the rights for the specific film or different audiovisual content

3. Cinema halls / Screens

  1. We have free / open seating in our halls

  2. Its not possible to let more visitors in the hall as the capacity range allows it. (sitting on the stairs is forbidden for security reasons)

  3. Its not allowed to enter our cinema halls with food or liquids in not closed containers.

  4.  Before sending us an official order / contract we highly recommend you to get familiar with our cinema hall's technical facilites. The cinema can provide only services which are possible according to its technical background.

Thank you for your understanding and respecting our conditions.

In Bratislava, 4th of February 2019