Become a frequenter of the Film Cabinet!

Did the Film Cabinet programme catch your eye? Become a frequenter and get these benefits:

  • guaranteed* access to the screenings and lectures (10+10),
  • study materials sent to you online
  • official certificate from the SFI (Slovak Film Institute) confirming that you graduated from the programme
  • accreditation Film Professional to Art Film Fest Košice (only for you)

* You need to take your seat in the cinema hall at latest 2 minutes before the lecture + screening


semester: currently there is no semester opening

status:  there is no application form available currently, since there is no semester opening at the moment

Guideline how to register:

  • Visit the registration webpage of Kino Lumière at, where you can register and pay for your cinepass
  • Come to the first lecture+screening of the Cabinet and we will provide you with your electronic cinepass card / index of the Film Cabinet which entitles you free entrance to all of the lectures and screenings of the Film Cabinet (this is valid only if you take your seat at latest 2 minutes before the beginning of the lecture). In the case that you already have your Film Cabinet Index card from previous semesters you don’t need a new one. After the registration and paying the registration fee your card will be renewed and valid again. 

Cinepass for the Film Cabinet dor the current semester / registration fee:

  • 20 EUR to all new members 
  • 15 EUR to frequenters of the Film Cabinet 3: The Period of maturing.

We would like to inform you:

  • the capacity of the cinema hall is limited to 79 seats!