4x Henri-Georges Clouzot

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In films of Henri-Georges Clouzot (1907 - 1977) the nature of human being is a central topic. "People are bad" is a script from mister Colin from his film The Murderer Lives at Number 21. Clouzot's films are works reflecting the dark corners of the human's souls. The Murderer Lives at Number 21 is a detective story similar to those by Agatha Christie spiced with some of French novel style. The Wages of Fear is an action film where all the heros staying alive needs to be in constant motion. Diabolique is a romance beyond the borders of morals and ethiques or life and death. Documentary The Mystery of Picasso is observing the life and creation of Pablo Picasso until the film itself becomes one of the painters masterpiece. 

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The Murderer Lives at Number 21

L'assassin habite au 21; Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1942, versions: ES : fra

Inspector Wens is about to catch a serial murderer who is signing at every crime scene as "Monsieur Durand" - all the tracks are leading to Mimosa pension on Avenue Junot, number 21, where the residents are all very strange indeed... Show more

2D ES 15
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The Wages of Fear

Le salaire de la peur; Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1953, versions: ES : fra

Four men are meeting in a South American village - all poor and banished waiting for an opportunity to escape. Once they see a blink of hope, when an oil businessman is looking for 4 men who would transport the dangerous nitro-glycerine even knowing they can explode any minute on the rough roads... Show more

2D ES 15
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Les diaboliques; Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1955, versions: ES : fra

Sadistic director of a school is terrorizing his wife and lover, living with both of them in a boarding school. The strange alliance between the two women undergoing the same torture leads to a well planned murder. Everything seems to be okay until the corpse doesn't disappear... Show more

2D ES 18
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The Mystery of Picasso

Le mystère Picasso; Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1956, versions: ES : fra

The documentary is capturing the creative process of the legendary painter, Pablo Picasso. Thanks to time-lapse technique we can see how 15 art pieces habe been made. Show more

2D ES 12