Freedom. Hope. Reality.

Three films by Andreas Dresen on 11-12th of June

At the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Demise of the Berlin Wall we are screening 3 films by the director Andreas Dresen. 

In the cooperation with the Goethe Institut Bratislava.

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Gundermann; Andreas Dresen, 2018, versions: SS : deu

He wants to be a good worker, a great husband, a caring father, an artist, a clown, a politician – he is everything at the same time. Gerhard Gundermann is hero and anti-hero, a constant contradiction, a glittering figure typical of the former East-Germany – and again not. People like him are everywhere. And they offend everywhere. Show more

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As We Were Dreaming

Als wir träumten; Andreas Dresen, 2015, versions: SS : deu

Dani, Mark, Rico, Pitbull and Paul are living in the flush of an unusual era after the reunion of Germany. In this period, when the societies and systems are crashing, it seems that everything is possible. Friends can make their dreams come true and face all the dangers. Film is a story about love, betray, brutality and fragility, hopes and illusions. The film is based on a same-named bestseller from the writer Clemens Meyer, 2006. Show more

2D SS 12
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Stilles Land

Stilles Land; Andreas Dresen, 1992, versions: SS : deu

German Democratic Republic, autumn 1989: Young and ambitious director Kai finds himself in a provincial theater far away on North. While the whole country around him is collapsing he is trying to bring back life into the resign ensemble and mirthless little town by the play Waiting for Godot. Show more

2D SS 12