Projekt 100 - 2019

Od 19. septembra

Najstaršia filmová prehliadka na Slovensku – PROJEKT 100 tento rok prichádza s 25. ročníkom. Okrem toho, že ponúkne silné nové filmy aj archívny titul, prináša tiež niekoľko zmien.

Prehliadka PROJEKT 100 sa po prvý raz uskutočnila v roku 1995, teda symbolicky v roku stého výročia prvého verejného kinematografického predstavenia na svete. Konala sa v Českej republike a na Slovensku. Na Slovensku predstavoval PROJEKT 100 v čase svojho vzniku a v nasledujúcich rokoch doslova záchranný „kotúč“ pre filmové kluby, ktorých existencia bola vážne ohrozená. Pôvodne mal  počas desiatich rokov priniesť spolu 100 filmov, to už však dávno nie je pravda. Projekt sa počas rokov vyvíjal a inak tomu nebude ani pri oslave jeho švrťstoročnice.

Filmová prehliadka sa začne slávnostne 19. septembra a následne bude putovať po celom Slovensku do konca októbra 2019. Hlavný organizátor Asociácia slovenských filmových klubov v spolupráci so Slovenským filmovým ústavom prinesie tento rok 6 filmových titulov

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Let There Be Light Nech je svetlo

Nech je svetlo; Marko Škop, versions: OR , SS : slk, deu

Milan has three kids and because he wants to take financially good care of his family he travels for work into Germany. While he is shortly home during Christmas, he finds out that his oldest son Adam is a member of a half-military group. Adam's name is also mentioned while investigating a case of bullying leading to death in school. The father is deciding what to do while he is slowly uncovering the true face of his son, family, the society around him and finally his own as well... Show more

2D Stream OR SS
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The Whistlers The Whistlers | La Gomera

The Whistlers | La Gomera; Corneliu Porumboiu, versions: CS : ron, eng, spa

A corrupted cop falls in love with Gilda, who asks him for help. He should try to get out a drog dealer from prison, who is actually Gilda's boyfriend. For the success of the mission it's necessary that he learns the language of el silbo, made from whistles. The only place to learn it is at La Gomera, one of the Canary islands. Show more

2D Stream CS
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Tremors Temblores

Temblores; Jayro Bustamante, versions: CS : spa

His family is horrified: Pablo, their beloved brother, son and husband, has fallen in love with another man, challenging all the values the devoutly religious clan lives by. Despite their protests, Pablo moves in with his lover, Francisco, who is closely connected to the urban subculture and leads a free existence that couldn’t be more different from Pablo’s. Pablo leaves his former home behind, but never quite settles into his new one – his desire to unify two disparate worlds proves to be a dead end. His relatives, for their part, are convinced that Pablo can be “cured”, and with the help of their puritanical community, they do their utmost to reform their prodigal son. No matter the cost. Show more

2D Stream CS
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Parasite Gisaengchung

Gisaengchung; Joon Ho Bong, versions: CS : kor

This dark comedy is following the story of a poor but trigger family which decides to infiltrate into a rich businessman's household - Mr Park's. What will happen when two completely different worlds meet? The film was awarded with a Golden Palm in Cannes 2019. Show more

2D Stream CS
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In Fabric In Fabric

In Fabric; Peter Strickland, versions: CS : eng

In Fabric is a haunting ghost story set against the back drop of a busy winter sales period in a department store and follows the life of a cursed dress as it passes from person to person, with devastating consequences. Show more

2D Stream CS
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The Barnabáš Kos Case Prípad Barnabáš Kos

Prípad Barnabáš Kos; Peter Solan, versions: OR : slk

A satirical tragicomedy criticising hypocrisy, intrigues and provincial life-style. Barnabáš Kos is the triangle player in a big symphony orchestra who is unexpectedly appointed its director. The modest musician resists but soon he realizes what kinds of behaviour form the inevitable rules governing people´s careers. Show more