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Počnúc 17. marcom prináša virtuálne KIno doma svojim divákom  každú stredu o 18:30 dokumentárny film od Pavla Barabáša - autora filmov o prírode, o hľadaní, objavovaní a nachádzaní pozoruhodných miest na našej planéte.

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Freedom Under Load

Sloboda pod nákladom; Pavol Barabáš, 2016, versions: OR , ES

With hundred kilos on their backs they are facing storms, blizzards and deep snow. Their craft is not only a profession, but also their way to the calmness. In the documentary Freedom under Load we get to know the oldest generation of the porters in the High Tatras, who climb with supplies to the mountain huts every day. We discover why they have chosen this way of life and why they remain the last of the Mohicans on the European continent. And maybe we find out something about our own load that we carry. source: http://www.aic.sk Show more

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Spirit of Jaguar

Tieň jaguára; Pavol Barabáš, 2018, versions: OR

Four friends, who feel fulfilled by the untouched nature of our Mother Earth, are heading into the Amazonian jungle for a challenging journey. They paddle down the wild rivers and hike through deep forests to become a part of the Indian Hodi tribe. The mysterious Sierra Maigualida Mountains, which haven´t been crossed by any European human being ever before, hides them from the surrounding world. Living side by side with Indians in their natural way of life and spending many days in their village show them how to respect the nature and its balance. Indian tribe Hodi represents the opposite of our western culture. It is their pleasure from the simple things and happiness from life versus our never- ending urge and desire to buy and possess. Show more

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Salto je kráľ + diskusia! | 5 x Barabáš / ONLINE Kino doma

Salto je kráľ; Pavol Barabáš, 2020, versions: OR : slk

The highest waterfall in the world and its abseiling. What should one imagine? Surreal scenery, a tourist adrenaline attraction or a world wonder that an ordinary mortal cannot attain? And yet there is a unique group of friends, enthusiasts and fools who master the unattainable category almost perfectly. Their common challenge is to discover, attain and merge with the colossal, majestic element. The journey to the waterfalls often challenges even ground-breaking expeditions into the unknown where not even the most detailed preparation guarantees the anticipated outcome. The power of friendship, maximum trust and the sense of fellowship are the only certainties. Will that, however, be enough to conquer the highest waterfall in the world which is reliably resisting the ultimate abseiling challenge? Show more

2D Stream OR 12
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Svetozár Stračina

Svetozár Stračina; Pavol Barabáš, 2019, versions: OR : slk

Svetozár Stračina is a key person for the Slovak folk culture, he was creating and collecting music based on the folk songs of villagers. Show more

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Everest - Najťažšia cesta; Pavol Barabáš, 2020, versions: SS , OR

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