Lux Film Days 2021 - Audience Award

7 - 8th of May

 7 - 8. máj

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Corpus Christi

Boże Ciało; Jan Komasa, 2019, versions: CS , SS : pol

Corpus Christi, directed by Jan Komasa (Suicide Room, Warsaw 44) is the story of twenty-year-old Daniel who experiences a spiritual transformation while detained at a Youth Detention Center. His wish to become a priest is impossible because of his criminal record. When sent to work at a carpenter’s workshop in a small town, on arrival he dresses up as a priest and accidentally takes over the local parish. Yet the arrival of this young, charismatic preacher gives the local community an opportunity to begin the healing process after a recent tragedy. – The film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, won 11 awards at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Show more

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Colectiv; Alexander Nanau, 2019, versions: SS : ron

In the first moments of shock following the fire at the Colectiv nightclub, the government assures the victims’ families and the public that Bucharest’s hospitals will be able to treat the victims and refuses foreign aid. Another shock soon follows: investigative reporters discover that many of the patients died from bacterial infections. The film tracks the uncovering of complex corrupt and clientelist networks permeating the entire Romanian healthcare system. All are involved – doctors and suppliers, hospital heads, politicians, and shady backstage players. The film tracks bold journalists and the young health minister as they battle a hydra that sucks money from tax payers and kills patients. Alexander Nanau’s suspenseful film was introduced at the Venice Film Festival, IDFA, Sundance, and other international festivals, and has won many awards. Show more

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