0scar 1966

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 Všetkých päť spomenutých filmov sa ocitlo v zúženom výbere americkej filmovej akadémie na cenu Oscar v kategórii najlepší cudzojazyčný film. V októbri vám vo FILMOTÉKE ponúkame možnosť vidieť na plátne všetky nominované filmy a overiť si, nakoľko zaslúžené bolo víťazstvo československej vojnovej drámy Obchod na korze. V silnej konkurencii totiž Obchod na korze porazil aj film známeho talianskeho režiséra Vittoria De Sicu Manželstvo po taliansky či sondu začiatku ľúbostného pomeru s názvom Drahý John, v ktorej jej režisér Lars-Magnus Lindgren nadväzuje na najvýznamnejšieho švédskeho režiséra Ingmara Bergmana. Štylisticky najvýraznejším je pre zmenu japonský poviedkový film Kwaidan, v rámci morálnej otázky Obchodu na korze výrazne konkuruje grécky film Krv na zemi.

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The Shop on Main Street

Obchod na korze; Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos, 1965, versions: SV , OR : slk

Slovakia during WW2. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him to take over the Jewish widow Lautman's little shop for sewing material. She is old and confused and thinks that he is only looking for employment and hires him. The odd couple begin to like each other. But some time later the authorities decide that the Jews must leave the city. What should he do with the old lady? (source: imdb) Show more

2D SV OR 12
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Dear John

Käre John; Lars-Magnus Lindgren, 1964, OV/švéd., dán./ Filmotéka; Lars-Magnus Lindgren, 1964, versions: CS

John is a shipmaster on a very small transportation boat which regularly attends a very small harbour to buy food, actually from Anna's father. She is a waitress and has a young daughter. She tells John that her name is Anita. They have met many times, but their first personal meeting is when both are swimming in early morning. John is asked to have morning coffee with Anna's family. He invites her and her child to a trip to Zoo in Copenhagen. Both have genuine feelings for each other. There are lovely three-some scenes when John is proud of "being" a father, and beautiful love scenes. Christina Schollin's naked body is cute but never obtrusive. But at that time girls were depreciated if they "gave in" too soon. So these scenes repeatedly alternate with hot misunderstandings, well-known exactly when two people with genuine feelings fear misunderstandings and try to preclude them. In the last minutes of the movie, when each has left the "harbour village" on the next day, and John has learned the real name of "Anita" and calls her from the boat, both realise without saying anything about it, that this is the beginning of a long relationship based on mutual feelings. Show more

2D CS 15
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Blood on the Land

To homa vaftike kokkino; Vassili Georgiades, 1965, OV/gréc./ + AT | Filmotéka; Vassili Georgiades, 1965, versions: ES , OR

In Greece, in the early part of the 20th century, two brothers from a wealthy landowning family have opposite views on how the poor workers who work on their land should be treated. Show more

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Kaidan; Masaki Kobajaši, 1964, OV /jap./ Filmotéka; Masaki Kobajaši, 1964, versions: SS

A collection of four Japanese folk tales with supernatural themes. Show more

2D SS 15
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Marriage Italian Style

Matrimonio all’italiana; Vittorio De Sica, 1964, DB/cz/ Filmotéka; Vittorio De Sica, 1964, versions: CV

Domenico, a successfull businessman, with an eye for the girls, begins an affair with Filumena when she is 17 years old. She becomes a prostitute, but also becomes the mistress of Domenico. He eventually sets her up in an apartment, and she works for him in his various businesses. She secretly bears three children, who are raised by nannys. Domenico starts planning to marry a young employee. Filumena tricks him into marriage by pretending to be dying. Domenico annuls the marriage. Filumena then tells him of the three children. She says that one of the children belongs to Domenico, but will not say which one is his. You start to believe that all of the children could be his, and Domenico then marries Filumena again, this time willingly. Show more

2D CV 15