Kino-Ikon Choice: Hotel Úsvit

17.5 . 2017, 17:00

Projekcia filmu Hotel Úsvit spojená s diskusiou za účasti režisérky Márie Rumanovej, producenta Ivana Ostrochovského, filmológov Petra Michaloviča, Juraja Oniščenka a sociológov Romana Džambazoviča a Zuzany Révészovej. 

Information are available in Slovak language. Thank you for your understanding.

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Hotel Sunrise

Hotel Úsvit; Mária Rumanová, 2016, versions: OR , ES

Against the lethargic backdrop of a defunct rail transshipment station at the Slovak-Ukrainian border, we follow the stories of four protagonists who strive to break the vicious, immutable cycle of life on the social periphery, armed only with their unwavering desire for happiness. Desire alone does not guarantee success, nor the propriety of the protagonistsʼ decisions. The characters in this film find their own ways to navigate the dysfunctional system, often skittering along the edge of the law and common sense, but their stories are all the more genuine, expressive, and human. Their everyday reality is the town of Čierna nad Tisou – once called the “Golden gate of Socialism”, now little more than a smuggling den at the Eastern European border. ATLANTIS, 2003
SK, CZ > 30 min. > 2017 > fiction
director> Michal Blaško
production> FTF VŠMU (SK), FAMU (CZ)
screenplay> Michal Blaško
cinematography> Adam Mach
cast> Levan Mania, Elizaveta Maximova, Vladislav Šarišský
2003, Young ukrainian couple, Martin a Denisija, is trying to illegaly escape from Ukraine to Germany. Show more

2D OR ES 15
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