19-23. jún 2017

Eurimages je kinematografický fond Rady Európy, zameraný na koprodukciu, distribúciu a prezentáciu diel európskej kinematografie. Bol založený v roku 1988 a v súčasnosti združuje 36 členských krajín. Slovensko je členskou krajinou fondu Eurimages od 15. apríla 1996. V dňoch 19. – 23. júna sa v Bratislave bude konať 147. stretnutie členov Rady fondu Eurimages. Z fondu Eurimages bývajú pravidelne podporované aj koprodukčné filmy so slovenskou účasťou. Pri príležitosti stretnutia členov Rady fondu Eurimages v Bratislave sme do programu zaradili výber filmov so slovenskou účasťou, ktoré v minulosti získali podporu z fondu. Budete tak mať možnosť vidieť filmy: Papierové hlavy Dušana Hanáka, Muzika Juraja Nvotu, Sedem zhavranelých bratov Alice Nellis či Rodinný film Olma Omerza. 

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Garden Store: A Family Friend Zahradnictví: Rodinný přítel; Jan Hřebejk, 2017, OV (cz) + AT

Zahradnictví: Rodinný přítel; Jan Hřebejk, 2017, OV (cz) + AT; Jan Hřebejk, versions: OR , ES

Melodrama set in Czech Republic during the Germain occupation. Show more

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Ice Mother Bába z ledu

Bába z ledu; Bohdan Sláma, versions: OR , ES

After meeting the winter swimmer Broňo, the widow Hana gradually starts changing her stereotypical life, which has until then revolved solely around her grown sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. While the 60-year-old Hana is experiencing a love story, the traditional weekend lunches in the family house are losing their idyllic character and it is slowly revealed that all the protagonists have a secret. Hana finds an unexpected ally in her grandson Ivánek, who not only falls in love with the peculiar Broňo, but also with his chicken Adéla and the community of winter swimmers meeting on the bank of Vltava. The story uncovering difficult relationships between members of three generations brings forth hope that one can take their life into their own hands no matter their age. Show more

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Muzika; Juraj Nvota, 2007, versions: ES , OR : slk

Not far from a big city, just a few steps from the border of an evil capitalist country, in the boonies from where all roads turn back to nowhere, there begins a story about a story about a chap who hoped that music will help him get on a sunny side of life but instead he let his music go down the drains. It is also a story about his friends, desires and dreams of freedom which was one of the most precious, best guarded and least accessible values in the Czechoslovakia of the 1970s and 1980s. Where could he find it? Show more

2D ES OR 15
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The Seven Ravens

Sedem zhavranelých bratov; Alice Nellis, 100´, 2015, DB (sk) + AT | filmotéka; Alice Nellis, 2015, versions: SD

A young girl takes a hard task. She must try to save her brothers and get rid of the curse placed on them by their mother. It is a story of courage, perseverance, but also of the power of words, truth and true love. Show more

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Family Film

Rodinný film; Olmo Omerzu, 95´, 2015, OV (cz) + AT | filmotéka; Olmo Omerzu, 2015, versions: ES

Husband and wife set sail on the ocean, leaving their two children at home to explore the freedom offered them by the absence of parental supervision. But fear clouds the kids' seemingly carefree life after they lose contact with their parents: their boat capsizes in a storm and the father's beloved dog is lost. The timing of the parents' return corresponds to a tragedy at home. Their son lies in the hospital badly in need of a kidney transplant. Show more

2D ES 12
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Little Harbour

Piata loď; Iveta Grófová, 2017, OV (sk) + AT ; Iveta Grófová, 2017, versions: OR , ES

A story inspired by true events about two children whose innocent play will change their lives forever. Ten years-old and living with a mother who is not yet ready to be a Mum, Jarka is pushed by her desire to love and form a family to the point where she finds herself giving shelter to two abandoned twin babies. A new Slovak film based on the successful book The Fifth Boat by Monika Kompaníková, which became the Slovak Book of the Year in 2010. Second feature film by director Iveta Grófová; whose debut, Made in Ash, was nominated as the Slovak entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar in 2012. The film was financially supported by the Audiovisual Fund (SR), Eurimages, State Fund for Cinematography (CZ), Creative Europe – Media and Bratislava Self-Governing Region. Show more

2D OR ES 12