Scandi 2018

24. - 28.1.2018

Štvrtý ročník prehliadky severskej kinematografie svojím programom upozorňuje na tohtoročné sté nedožité narodeniny Ingmara Bergmana a prináša aj najnovšie filmové premiéry zo severských krajín. Premietneme štýlovú variáciu na revenge thriller Darkland, road movie Miami o dvoch sestrách, ktoré unikajú pred gangstrami, sarkastický a dojímavý rodinný portrét inšpirovaný slávnou biografiou dánskeho dramatika Jensa Blendstrupa Tak káže Boh a romantickú drámu o starších manželoch Tri slová.

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Darkland Underverden; Fenar Ahmad, 2017, OV (dán.) + ST (cz

Underverden; Fenar Ahmad, 2017, OV (dán.) + ST (cz; Fenar Ahmad, versions: OR

Zaid is a successful surgeon and lives in a fancy apartment with his pregnant girlfriend. One night Zaid’s younger brother, Yasin, knocks on his door and asks his brother for money. Zaid refuses. A few days later Yasin gets assaulted and killed. Since the police are not very helpful, Zaid feels forced to find out who did it himself and embarks on a mission to eliminate all the criminal gangs in Copenhagen. He disguises himself and takes on the criminal underworld. But Zaid’s persistent battle results in serious consequences for himself and his family, and he has to decide if the price of revenge is worth it all. Show more

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Fanny and Alexander Fanny och Alexander

Fanny och Alexander; Ingmar Bergman, versions: OR , CS

Accreditation is required at Fanny and Alexander is Bergman’s dreamlike family chronicle. The Ekdahl’s are an upper-middle-class theatrical family sheltered by their own theatrics from the deepening chaos of the outside world. One tumultuous year in the life of the Ekdahl family is viewed through the eyes of ten-year-old Alexander, whose imagination fuels the magical goings-on leading up to and following the death of his father. His mother’s remarriage to a stern prelate banishes Alexander and his sister Fanny from all known joys, and thrusts them and the movie into a kind of gothic horror. The bishop is a Bergmanesque character whose severity has gone awry - he has become sinister - and the film’s round rejection of him in favour of ”kindness, affection and goodness” may be Bergman’s fondest farewell to cinema. Oscar® awarded for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Foreign Language Film and nominated for Best Director Ingmar Bergman. Show more

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Autumn Sonata Höstsonaten

Höstsonaten; Ingmar Bergman, versions: OR , CS

Charlotte Andergast, internationally a fairly successful concert pianist, has just lost Leonardo, the man with whom she has been living for many years. His death shakes her, leaving her in a state of loneliness and bewilderment. Her daughter Eva, who has been married for some years to a clergyman and lives in a small town in Norway, asks her mother to visit her. For several days the two women are confronted with each other. They seek and repulse each other by turns. The encounter is crucial for the future of them both. This is the external action. On an internal plane what it boils down to of course is love: the presence and absence of love, the longing for love, love's lies, love that is deformed and love as our sole chance of survival. Show more

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The Bubble in the Bathtub Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar; Arild Fröhlich, 2015, DB (sk

Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar; Arild Fröhlich, 2015, DB (sk; Arild Fröhlich, versions: SD

The lovesick Doctor Proctor has traveled back in time in a desperate attempt to alter history. He wants to stop the wedding between his beloved Juliette and the terrible Claude Cliché, but is trapped in time. Lisa and Nilly, Proctor's young partners and neighbors, have to step up again, and they take the Time Bathtub back in time to try to help him. It turns into a riotous journey through time where they encounter Napoleon, narrowly escape the guillotine during the French Revolution and meet Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake for witchcraft. Or was she? Doctor Proctor: The Bubble in the Bathtub is a colorful story about the three friends Lisa, Nilly and Doctor Proctor, who together do everything to save the history of the world – and love. Doctor Proctor: The Bubble in the Bathtub is the second film based on Jo Nesbø's best-selling children's books about the somewhat insane inventor Doctor Proctor. Show more

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Miami Miami; Zaida Bergroth, 2017. OV (fín.) + ST (cz) + AT

Miami; Zaida Bergroth, 2017. OV (fín.) + ST (cz) + AT; Zaida Bergroth, versions: OR

Two sisters reunite after years of separation. Their lives intertwine as they share a dream of a bright future, only to find out that the past can't be easily undone. Show more

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Persona Persona

Persona; Ingmar Bergman, versions: OR , CS , SS : eng, swe

Story of two women: one is an actress who is fed up with playing only small roles and decide to stay quiet, the second one is her nurse who on the other hand likes to speak out. Show more

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Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder Doktor Proktors prompepulver; Arild Fröhlich, 2014, DB (cz

Doktor Proktors prompepulver; Arild Fröhlich, 2014, DB (cz; Arild Fröhlich, versions: CD

How far can a successful fart get you? Will it only lead to a good laugh, or could you possibly gain international recognition? The somewhat insane Doctor Proctor has accidentally invented the world's most powerful fart powder. When two kids from his neighborhood drop by for an unexpected visit, it becomes the beginning of an unusual friendship and a riotous business project. Well-behaved Lisa with her pigtails and tiny Nilly with his bright red hair decide to help introduce Doctor Proctor's fart powder to the world. But this turns out to be an adventure fraught with danger, as the wealthy and evil Mr. Thrane and his two creepy sons are willing to do anything to get their hands on the fart powder. The comedy Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder is a modern-day fairy tale set in a world where the most normal adult is a mad professor, where animals you wish didn't exist lurk in the sewer, and where the farts are powerful enough to launch you into outer space. Show more

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Scenes from a Marriage Scener ur ett äktenskap

Scener ur ett äktenskap; Ingmar Bergman, versions: OR , CS : swe

Six chapters in the story of a twenty-year marriage or how abortion, infidelity, and inarticulate love lead to divorce. And how divorce leads to complicity, communication and understanding. Heralded as one of the truest, most luminous love stories ever made. Says Bergman, "Scenes From a Marriage" took four months to shoot, but a lifetime to experience." Show more

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Storm Storm; Giacomo Campeotto, 2009, OV (dán.) + ST (cz

Storm; Giacomo Campeotto, 2009, OV (dán.) + ST (cz; Giacomo Campeotto, versions: OR

During a terrible storm, 12-year-old Freddy saves a dog from its volatile owner. Freddy names the dog Storm and hides him in his room. Soon Freddy’s dad discovers the dog and insists on handing him back to his lawful owner. A terrified Freddy convinces his father they must save the dog and buy Storm. Nothing's that simple, however, as Storm's owner spots a good deal and demands an unreasonably large sum of money. Freddy must work hard to pay back the owner, but when the boy notices Storm is a fast runner he starts to train him at the local racetrack. Storm makes fast progress and Freddy signs him up for the dog championship – if Storm wins, Freddy will be able to buy him for good and they can be together forever… Show more

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Word of God Gud taler ud; Henrik Ruben Genz, 2017, OV (dán.) + ST (cz) + AT

Gud taler ud; Henrik Ruben Genz, 2017, OV (dán.) + ST (cz) + AT; Henrik Ruben Genz, versions: OR

It is the 1980s – Jens and his brothers live in a single-family house in Risskov, a suburb of Aarhus, Denmark. Here, the family’s patriarch psychologist and self-appointed God – Uffe – rules the roost in his dressing gown and underwear. Changes threaten the peace when Uffe decides to write his memoirs. The family home is suddenly filled to the rafters with Uffe’s loyal patients, who both provide Uffe with moral support – and drunken companionship. As insurrection smoulders on the part of his three sons, maternal Gerd Lillian does all she can to keep the family together. But for Jens, Thomas and Mikkel to break free of their father’s tyrannical rule and grow up will require a final, inevitable showdown with ‘God’. Show more

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Key House Mirror Nøgle hus spejl; Michael Noer, 2015, OV (dán.) + ST (cz) + AT

Nøgle hus spejl; Michael Noer, 2015, OV (dán.) + ST (cz) + AT; Michael Noer, versions: OR

Lily and Max have been married for more than 50 years. Now they live together in a nursing home, where Max has been reliant on professional care since his stroke. Lily has been putting her own needs aside and is desperately longing for excitement and intimacy in her life. When a man known as "the Pilot" moves in next door, Lily is immediately charmed by him and his passion for life. But neither her family nor the other residents at the nursing home are fond of her new acquaintance. Misunderstood by her family and trapped in her life with Max, Lily decides to fight to escape the bars of her invisible prison and claim her freedom. Show more