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Letný cyklus Film o filme uvádza diela, ktoré predstavujú filmárov trochu inak, prenikajú do zákulisia filmov a stierajú hranice filmu vo filme. Americká noc (1973) Françoisa Truffauta, ocenená Oscarom za najlepší cudzojazyčný film, približuje úskalia tvorivého procesu nakrúcania filmu, Mulholland Drive (2001) Davida Lyncha je poctou i kritikou Hollywoodu a životopisná dráma Obávaný (2017) v réžii Michela Hazanaviciusa zobrazuje popredného, často nepochopeného režiséra svojej generácie Jeana-Luca Godarda.

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Redoubtable Le Redoutable

Le Redoutable; Michel Hazanavicius, versions: CS

During the making of one of his films, French film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 17-year old actress Anne Wiazemsky and later marries her. Be2Can Show more

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Day for Night La Nuit américaine

La Nuit américaine; François Truffaut, versions: SS : fra

A committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises, personal and professional, among the cast and crew. Show more

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Mulholland Drive Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive; David Lynch, versions: OR , CS : eng, spa

A bright-eyed young actress travels to Hollywood, only to be ensnared in a dark conspiracy involving a woman who was nearly murdered, and now has amnesia because of a car crash. Eventually, both women are pulled into a psychotic illusion involving a dangerous blue box, a director named Adam Kesher, and the mysterious night club Silencio. Show more

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Persona Persona

Persona; Ingmar Bergman, versions: OR , CS , SS : eng, swe

Story of two women: one is an actress who is fed up with playing only small roles and decide to stay quiet, the second one is her nurse who on the other hand likes to speak out. Show more