Global Migration Film Festival 2018

December 04. - 05., 2018

You can watch exceptional films about migration which is one of the greatest phenomena of our times. The films will take you into the often unrecognized reality of migration and enable you looking for answers to questions such as: Why do people flee their homes? What challenges do they face during their difficult journey? What is their life as strangers in an unfamiliar environment far away from their homes and how do locals perceive them? And how does society change and divide in countries affected by migration?

Every year,  the festival is organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in over 100 countries around the world on the occasion of the International Migrants Day (18 December).



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Bushfallers – A Journey of Chasing Dreams

Bushfallers – A Journey of Chasing Dreams; Nils Benjamin Keding, 2015, versions: SS

You can embark on a journey with four young filmmakers who decided to answer a seemingly simple question: Why do Africans choose to migrate to Europe? The film’s strength comes from the voices of those members of Cameroonian diaspora who left, those who stayed, and those who returned. They reveal their own stories, aspirations, dreams and the deep complexity of reality that stand behind their decision to leave or to return. The film will be screened in original version with English and Slovak subtitles. The film screening is part of the Global Migration Film Festival 2018 in Slovakia. Free entrance. Show more

2D SS 12
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Adnan’s Father + Invisibles

Abu Adnan: Adnan’s Father + Invisibles; 2017, versions: SS

Abu Adnan: Adnan’s Father; d. Sylvia Le Fanu Sayid is a refugee doctor who fled Syria in the midst of the civil war and is about to establish a new life in Denmark together with his son Adnan. Despite their close relationship and joint interest in footbal, the tension grows between them. Facing the language barrier and the struggle to make ends meet financially, Sayid encounter’s one extra challenge of maintaining his boy's respect, in a situation where Adnan's adaptation is faster than his own. Invisibles; d. Xavier Satorra Mohamad, Bakri and Mireille explain from different points of view how the war in Syria radically changed their lives and brought them to Barcelona. Additional insights into the Arab Spring and Human Rights are brought from perspective of the The Nobel Peace Prize recipient Ahmed Galai. It is a powerful piece on the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the complexity of the conflict, and the potential impact of concentrated migration on certain areas of Europe. The film screenings are part of the Global Migration Film Festival 2018 in Slovakia. Free entrance. The films will be screened in original version with English and Slovak subtitles. Show more

2D SS 12
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