Ars Poetica 2019

11. - 15. 11. 2019

The 17th Ars Poetica Festival will bring a magical experience from the living energy of world poetry. An engrossing performance of a number of stars and talents from four continents accompanied by a living flow of images – that is what characterizes the unforgettable Ars Poetica 2019 nights.

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Nico, 1988

Nico, 1988; Susanna Nicchiarelli, 2017, versions: CS

Please don’t call her Nico or “Andy Warhol’s muse”. And Christa Päffgen doesn’t want to talk about her brief period with The Velvet Underground some two decades later. For her, life started only after that illustrious period, even though reporters and admirers are generally less interested in her own solo career or ideas... The biopic Nico, 1988 follows Nico/Christa in the last two years of her life, during international performances – occasionally phenomenal, sometimes embarrassing – while she tries to build a bond with her suicidal son and openly shoots up heroin as a pick-me-up. Susanna Nicchiarelli does not condemn her, nor does she romanticise her. She makes her hard, yet also vulnerable; occasionally regrettable, but never pitiful. (source: Rotterdam IFF) Show more

2D CS 15
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Dežo Ursiny 70

Dežo Ursiny 70; Maroš Šlapeta, Matej Beneš, 2018, versions: OR : slk

The film is capturing a concert, made as a celebration of Dežo Ursiny’s unique work, who was one of the founders of modern Slovak rock music. His production was very colourful and various - developing from big beat, molded into musicals, soundtracks, until it transformed into his very individual and specific style. The concert was organized by Ursiny’s son, Jakub, on his fathers 70th birthday which he unfortunately didn’t live to see. Show more

2D OR 12
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Hotel Sunrise

Hotel Úsvit; Mária Rumanová, 2016, versions: OR , ES : hun, slk

The portrayal of a town on the very edge of the European Union and the collective identity of its residents. Čierna nad Tisou, once known as the “Golden Gate of Socialismˮ, has now become only a dilapidated scene on the Eastern periphery. The residents of the town are trying to find a new gateway to the world and find their role in the seemingly inert environment of the former railway trans-shipment. Show more

2D OR ES 15
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Lonely Runners: Moving On!

Osamelí bežci: Ideme ďalej!; Martin Repka, 2019, versions: OR : slk

The Lonely Runners is a group of poets, their society was born in 1963 but the film is following the friendship and reunion between the three members, which is alive until today. Show more

2D Stream OR 12
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Best of Fest Anča 2019 + Persona gata | Ars Poetica 2019

Best of Fest Anča 2019; rôzni, 2019, versions: SS

Selected short films from Fest Anča 2019 awarded on the festival. In original language and Slovak subtitles only. Show more

2D SS 15
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The Impossible Voyage

Cesta do nemožna; Noro Držiak, 2019, versions: OR : slk

Milan Rastislav Štefánik was the Slovak Indiana Jones. He traveled around the world, he survived that his plane was shot during WW I, he was a huge lover of ladies and he is also a national hero. Show more

2D OR 15
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Svetozár Stračina

Svetozár Stračina; Pavol Barabáš, 2019, versions: OR : slk

Svetozár Stračina is a key person for the Slovak folk culture, he was creating and collecting music based on the folk songs of villagers. Show more

2D Stream OR 12
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Leto; Kirill Serebrennikov, 2018, versions: CS : rus

A love triangle emerges around a rock and roll musician, his protege, and his wife in 1980s Russia. Show more

2D Stream CS 12
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Pásmo študentských filmov Akadémie umení v Banskej Bystrici | Ars Poetica 2019

Pásmo študentských filmov Akadémie umení v Banskej Bystrici; rôzni, versions: OR : slk

Učiteľka tanca / Dancing Mistress,
r. Barbora Vaculová, Slovensko, 2017, 16 min., dokumentárny Antikvár / The Antiquary,
r. Dagmar Ponechalová, Slovensko, 2019, 16 min., dokumentárny Tanec náš každodenný / Our Daily Dance,
r. Matúš Druga, Slovensko, 2019, 28 min., dokumentárny Kolekcia troch dokumentárnych filmov študentov Katedry filmovej dokumentárnej tvorby na Akadémii umení v Banskej Bystrici. Výberové pásmo prináša to najlepšie z aktuálnych výstupov študentov Katedry so zameraním na portrét súčasného človeka a jeho vzťahu k umeniam literatúry, choreografie a tanca. Všetky tri tituly reprezentujú originálne prístupy pri stvárnení témy s dôrazom na autorskú poetiku. Show more

2D OR 12
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Climax; Gaspar Noé, 2018, versions: CS : fra

Birth and death are extraordinary experiences. Life is a fleeting pleasure. Show more

2D Stream CS 15